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Results of the III Sustainability Observatory in Ibero-America

Helen y Caroline Mathew

Sustainability and sustainability, different but inseparable

Leif Hesselholdt

Generation Z: redefining hospitality in the digital age

Diana Ramiro

Music tourism: united by music and... something else?

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Dr. Elaine Richards 

Biometrics: catalyzing a transformation in the air travel experience

Marco A. Abastoflor Portugal

Teaching-learning in Community Tourism and its contribution to local tourism development

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Workaholism: when does it become a problem?

Fundación Neox

Unmasking the 2030 Agenda

Antonio Santos del Valle

Luxury Tourism Trends. An Observer's Perspective

and other articles

Danay Milagros Bulnes Mann

Shopping tourism in Cuba: a mix of leisure, art and gastronomy

Fernando Molina

The International Network of Regenerative and Circular Intelligent Tourist Routes RTI Rc

Moshe Dohan 

The potential impact of a TikTok ban on the tourism industry

Nicolás Raffo Menoni

The fallacies of quantitative tourism 

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International Monetary Fund 

Artificial intelligence and the future of work

Juan Carlos Rico

Museums, could it be like this? 

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The Museum of Tourism

The Museum of Tourism continued to grow in 2023

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Les Roches

Report on Tourism Trends 2024: an innovative and sustainable vision


24 destinations that have a lot to celebrate in 2024

Gabriela Barkho

After a slowdown, luxury brands are changing course

World Economic Forum

COP28: What did it accomplish and what’s next?


Global travel evolution report for 2024

Wellness Tourism Market to Reach USD 1,922.2 Billion by 2032


Report reveals that even as travel and tourism grows, water use declines

Caribbean News Digital 

Influencers and their role in tourism marketing 


The state of destination marketing 2024

Katya Schwenk

The best proof that banning Airbnb would lower the price of renting

Carmen Chamorro

Gastronomy, born in the midst of war, unites frontiers

and anothers articles

Carlos Loayza Camarena

Machupicchu in the eyes of the world

María Celeste Bustos

Concept and importance of sustainable tourism strategic planning 

Simon Elsegood

Global business travel recovery starts to slow

Dan Pontarlier 

Redefining Luxury Tourism: sustainability as the new standard

Accor Report

Meeting Expectations: The Future of Meetings & Events

Max Starkov 

Hotels to pay intermediaries $75 billion by 2023

Saudi Arabia Tourism Authority

Are we stuck in a "travel bubble"? Travel habits revealed in global survey


4 things to know about the future of the OTA market in the US

Juan Ignacio Ramiro Dussillat

Attitudes and trends in the era of visual-digital tourism

Inter-American Development Bank

10 years promoting culture and creativity

Report 2023 Susteinable Travel

Visa y Payments and Commerce Market Intelligence

How to unlock the potential of the metaverse?

Grupo Expedia and Luth Research 

Study on preferences and behaviours in online travel shopping

Alianza Kairo y GastroCoolk

Survey on most popular dishes and beverages among international tourists

Roberta Garibaldi

Report on gastronomy tourism in Italy. Trends & scenarios

Jorge Coromina

How Chinese ATOs reversed three years lost to the pandemic

and other articles

Alin Fuentes 

Astrotourism: what is it and where to do it? 

Adriana Fabiola Cantú Moya 

What is Cultural Tourism?

Cush Consulting Group

Exploring the Cultural Sector: Cush Consulting Group's Impact & Influence

Pablo Gutiérrez-Ravé Villalón

Report: The Evolution of Luxury in Asia


Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America and the Caribbean 2023

Sophie Michelle

Growing market for extreme luxury tourism

Caribbean News Digital

Tourism, the energy consumption monster

Hervé Reza

What is a destination marketing organisation (DMO)?

Northstar y Amadeus

Travelling tribes 2033

Robert Gao

Why is China obsessed with luxury brands? 

Caroline Bremner

ChatGPT and Generative AI are creating a new era in tourism

Stephanie Sheehy

From a family business to a Costa Rica for all

Adelaida Suarez

Committing to sustainable tourism: why is it so necessary?

Juan Maqueda and Marcelo Maurizio

Sports tourism: Miami and F1's mega positive impact

and other articles

Madeleine McCormick

What is Luxury Tourism?

Jeanne Walker

How do airline pricing algorithms work?

Michael Hui

Technologies used for travel

Carrol Jensen

Shopping Tourism: rules to slash impulse spending

Denis Tassitano

Robots already coexist with humans


A better world for migrants in Latin America and the Caribbean


Trends in the movement of money in Latin America and the Caribbean

Stefano Generali

Re-Discovering Europe: the return of Chinese Tourist 

Marcelo Maurizio y Juan Maqueda

Love NY: an icon of almost 50 years that was changed, and generated a lot of noise 

Beatriz Margallo Moscoso

Have you ever wondered if your travels are actually sustainable? 

Silvana Bonsignor

Holiday manners

Digital Religious Credential

The solution for pilgrims and managers of religious sites

Thomas Müller

Sustainable Tourism

Samy Alliance

Marketing Trends 2023

Awilda de Jesus

Real Estate Tourism: the case of the Dominican Republic

Christie & CO

Hotel investment in Spain to reach EUR 3,230M in 2022


2023 Report: 10 trends in boutique hotels

Jorge Marichal

The Mysterious Island

President of the Spanish Confederation of Hotels and Tourist Accommodations


Together to go further

Paula Hernández

China: the future renewable superpower

Finance Monthly

Luxury Retail Needs Luxury Payments

Dragon Trail

Chinese Traveler Sentiment Report: December 2022

Marta Ciudad

O-CITY, the Interactive Digital Atlas at the service of Sustainable Tourism

Paola Blanco 

What is the Darien Gap like and how does it affect tourism in Latin America?

Laura Darder 

Super Apps: are they here to stay?

and other articles


United States economic outlook. Inflation trends post COVID-19

Guillermo García de Benito

Where will the tourist stay model evolve to in the 21st century

Aisha Al Ahmad

In the current model, and after the return of the trip, OTAs are not relevant

Unesco Green Citizens

A global voice for local actor of change

Yoshimi Kunieda

Resilience of hotel industries during COVID-19 crisis. - Comparison between an international hotel chain and two Japanese chains -

Emilio M. Lamadrid de Aguinaco

Sustainable Tourism Observatory of the State of Tamaulipas (Mexico)

Paula Hernández

Christmas lights in cities and their relation to tourism

Luís Cachola

Glamping - Camping of kings, queens and sultans

Juan Pablo Nieto

Central America: a region moving together towards sustainable tourism development

SEGITTUR - Turium 

The metaverse and the soul: journey to the next challenge of Tourism


Rosa Martha Brown

Tourism sector: essential for the protection of children and adolescents

Benjamín del Alcazar Martínez

University of Malaga - Faculty of Commerce and Management

Juan Francisco Rivero

Tourism and the Jewish cities of Spain

Dr. Lisa Indar 

Director-Surveillance, Disease Prevention  & Control Division

(Trinidad & Tobago)

Humberto N. Calabria Arrieta

Strengthening tourism training in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta - Colombia

Mario A. Reza Guerra 

Wellness Tourism in comparison with Medical Tourism

Vicente Romero J.

International Hotel Directors & Managers Circle

Rafael Vera

Vicuña, World Capital of Astronomy and Conscious Tourism

Adrián Lomello

Religious Tourism or Spiritual Tourism

Monica Figuerola

Health Tourism: a new opportunity for new destinations

Michel H. Nahon

Why So-Leader travel ?

and other articles

Rosemary O. Mbone Enie

Destination Rwanda!

Aroop Das

Travel industry to recover ahead of tourism industry

and other articles

Angel Fornelly

Innovation in the tourism sector and Smart Tourism

Juan Maqueda

Miami, the navel of the Anglo-Latino economy (why Florida is a world economic hub)

and other articles

Ramón Adillón

The benefits of tourism

Hugo Marcos

Video Marketing in Tourism: challenges and opportunities

Íñigo Pérez

Travel & Tourism. Industry megatrends and tomorrow's talent

Sonia García Fraile

Tourism and accessibility

Isabel Portilla

Feeling at Home

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