Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie

Destination Rwanda!

Rwanda is a modern nation with one of the fast growing economy in Africa. According to the World Economic Forum 2016- Competitiveness Report, Rwanda is the third competitive country in Africa. It is also rated one of the cleanest and safest countries in Africa.

The City of Kigali is within easy reach, offering rich and diverse cultural and natural treasures. Visitors must take advantage of a range of experiences in discovering Rwanda. They have the opportunity to venture into the National Parks to track the endangered mountain gorillas on the slopes of the Virunga Volcanoes, enjoy the ‘Big Five’ safari in Akagera-rated amongst the most scenic national park in Africa. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the rich biodiversity of Nyungwe- the largest protected Mountain rainforest in Africa.  Rwanda’s Cultural Heritage Corridor presents community tours, agricultural tours in tea and coffee plantations and adventure experience at the shores of Lake Kivu and other lakes of Rwanda.

The delicious local cuisine, unique culture and beautiful arts is combined with the breath-taking natural scenery. All these awaits you to come and experience a taste of Rwanda’s warm and wonderful people and hospitality. Visiting Rwanda, you will quickly learn what makes this small African country a remarkable place. The country is quickly becoming one of Africa’s most popular tourist and business destinations.

Destination Rwanda, invites you to take time and explore this beautiful country-The Land of a Thousand Hills and A Million Smiles!

About Rwanda:

Rwanda – officially called the Republic of Rwanda, is a landlocked country within the Great Rift Valley area of Central/ East Africa. This is where the Great Lakes Region of Africa and the Southeast Africa converge. The country is located few degrees South of the Equator. Rwanda is bordered by Uganda, Burundi, Tanzania and the Democratic Republic (DR) Congo.

The country is known as the ‘Land of a Thousand Hills’. It presents stunning scenery with warm, beautiful and friendly people. Rwanda offers a unique experience in one of the most remarkable places of the world. Blessed by extraordinary biodiversity, incredible wildlife living throughout the volcanoes, sweeping plants and montane rainforest.

This beautiful land attracts travellers from far and wide, to experience the Great Rift Valley, the epic scenery and vibrant culture- a true representation of Responsible Tourism.

The Great Rift Valley is found within the West of Rwanda, known as the Albertine Rift. It has many unique, endemic species bursting with life, from chimpanzees, golden monkeys and other primates living alongside brightly coloured birds, butterflies and orchids.

The epic scenery presents endless dramatic vistas, with fresh perspective at every corner. Rwanda is a country full of beauty and managing to explore it all in one trip is easy. This is thanks to the excellent road network that links up the core areas of the country. While visiting Rwanda you can be rest assured that you are safe. Rwanda according to the World Economic Forum 2018- is ranked the ninth safest country in the World.

The vibrant culture presents warm, beautiful and friendly people. Rwandans are respectful, thoughtful and very committed to the idea of sustainable development, starting at the grassroots and moving all the way to the top of the government. From the ancient kingdoms of pre-colonial communities to the present day Rwanda, creativity is something that is well celebrated in the country. It is seen through tradition dance, national language (Kiyanrwanda), unique traditional architecture and beautiful works of art.

About Responsible Tourism and as guardians of the many iconic species, the country is very committed to safeguarding their existence through the creation for four National Parks. Rwandans are constantly working to ensure that they live in sustainable harmony with their total environment, with a green and clean mind-set. For the past six years, running the City of Kigali-Rwanda’s Capital City has been voted the cleanest city in Africa. The ban of plastic bags in 2008 and the continuous bi-monthly clean-up exercise provides a joint effort throughout the local communities across Rwanda.

Kigali City Tours presents travellers another step closer to something bigger about Rwanda. A great tour across the Capital City of Kigali focuses on Domestic Tourism, Historic, Socio-Economic and Culture of Rwanda. It provides visitors with a fantastic introduction of Rwanda’s Capital City, its history and other essential information.  The visit is filled with educational anecdotes, stories of the city and many more. A tour across Kigali provides a wide range of places, giving visitors a varied yet intimate view of the city and a great insight of the country just in one day.

Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie

CEO Salama Heritage Ecovillage (SHE) Africa

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