Educational Cooperation: 

Unpaid Work Placements

Due to the interest and objectives of TSTT, and following a collaboration agreement with the educational centres, a programme has been set up that establishes a collaboration framework in which the teaching, methodological and exercise resources are used and promoted to collaborate in the training of students, through unpaid work experience programmes, which are considered appropriate and facilitate the best training for the students' professional future.

The essential aim of work placements is to ensure the practical application of the knowledge acquired by students at the university or educational centre.

To this end, it is proposed to sign educational cooperation agreements that enable the Training of students through an online External Academic internship programme, the aim of which is to enable university students to apply and complement the knowledge acquired in their academic training, favouring the acquisition of skills that prepare them for professional activities, facilitate their employability and foster their capacity for entrepreneurship.

The general conditions for traineeships shall be as follows:

1.      The offer of internships shall be made by the TSTT. The nature and particular conditions of each specific internship shall be established and published in successive calls for applications.

2.      The internship programme is established by TSTT according to the programme followed by the student in the course in which he/she is enrolled and his/her specialisation.

3.      The internships offered will ensure the correct development and monitoring of the student's academic activities, with a duration of 90 days, and adapted to the number of credits for which the student is enrolled and which will allow the appropriate completion of the corresponding subjects, and which is considered to be 15 hours of online work experience per week.

4.      The educational centre ......................................., in agreement with the TSTT, will promote the places offered, the work and activities to be carried out, etc., and may participate directly in the development of these through the collaboration-designation of a teacher-tutor, who will be coordinated with the teacher in charge of the TTST.

5.      Similarly, the work and activities to be carried out will be of a local, national or international nature, and may be carried out in collaboration with other institutions with a similar territorial scope.

6.      The online internships will depend on the person in charge of the TSTT, who will designate a tutor.

7.      In all cases, the timetable for the internships shall be compatible with the academic and training activity carried out by the student at the educational centre.....................................

Work Placements for final year or specialisation students of

At the end of the internship period, and after verifying the student's knowledge and skills, he/she will be given a certificate accrediting that he/she has completed the internship at TSTT. Likewise, and according to the evaluation carried out by the tutor, the participating student will receive a document accrediting the successful completion of the work placement.

The particular conditions of the internship and the identification data of the specific student who is going to carry out the internship must be expressly stated in the corresponding annex, the student and the person designated by TSTT.

In any case, the Agreement shall not entail the acquisition of any commitments other than those stipulated therein and, in no case, shall any obligations of an employment relationship be derived, nor shall its content give rise to the substitution of the labour provision inherent to jobs. The person carrying out the internship shall be considered a student for all purposes.

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