Tourism Film Festivals

Video is one of the most important marketing tools today, even in the tourism industry. Video is able to materialise the attributes of the destination and the intangible elements of the tourism experience. The audiovisual transports the viewer to the experience he/she will find in the place. Thanks to its persuasive power and its appeal to emotionality, video has a decisive influence on travellers' consumer choices.

In this working group we want to emphasise the importance of Travel Video as a marketing tool for destinations, tourism products and services. On the other hand, we also want to pay special attention to tourism film festivals.

Festivals dedicated to tourism audiovisuals play a very important role in the promotion of the entire value chain underlying the selected and/or awarded films. In these festivals, not only the films win, but also the tourist destinations and the different players involved in their execution, from the production companies to the communication or advertising agencies, as well as the auxiliary companies that provided services during the filming. The main objective of tourism film festivals is to recognise and reward excellence in the audiovisual promotion of tourism destinations, services and products. The festivals are also an opportunity to discover the latest trends in the sector through workshops or conferences. From their role as beacons, festivals radiate inspiration and creativity, which is why they welcome participants from all over the world.

In short, through this working group we will focus on two tools - Travel Video and festivals - that can undoubtedly help to consolidate the marketing objectives of the different agents in the tourism industry.

Objectives of the Working Group

  • To provide the highest level of thought leadership to the entire tourism value chain on the importance of using video and digital communication.

  • To provoke new ideas on the role that audiovisual can play in the promotion of tourism destinations, products and services.

  • To encourage peer-to-peer leadership in the public and private sector on the role of video in the tourism industry.

  • To promote dialogue on the uses of video in the promotion of the tourism industry and to highlight its potential to influence travel decisions.

  • To facilitate advice on issues related to tourism Audiovisual.

  • To promote publications and articles on the Travel Video Marketing phenomenon.

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