World Cocoa and Derivatives Tourism Destinations Network 

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The World Cocoa and Derivatives Tourism Destinations Network refers to a set of places and tourism experiences related to cocoa, from its cultivation to its transformation into chocolate products. 

These tourist destinations are designed so that visitors can learn about the history, culture and production process of cocoa, as well as taste different types of chocolate. 


The World Cocoa and Derivatives Tourism Destinations Network wishes to collaborate with tourist destinations and cocoa producing countries for the development of this type of tourism and to point out the importance of generating tourism routes and networks focused on this fruit, motivating them to establish clear and defined objectives, among which stand out the promotion of sustainable and educational tourism, seeking to foster a greater understanding of the cultivation, processing and production of cocoa and derivatives such as chocolate, emphasizing sustainable and responsible agricultural practices.

In addition, it seeks to highlight local culture and heritage, integrating the traditions and history linked to cocoa, underlining its relevance in the local economy and society. Another essential objective is to support local communities, benefiting them through tourism, which entails providing economic opportunities and fostering local development. Last but not least, the aim is to offer unique gastronomic experiences, incorporating cocoa and chocolate in culinary and educational proposals that provide visitors with a unique perspective on these emblematic products.

Members of the World Cocoa and Derivatives Tourism Destinations Network 

It is composed of a diversity of members, all contributing in unique ways to the development and enrichment of the sector. These members include tourism destinations such as cities, regions or countries that offer natural and cultural environments suitable for cocoa-related experiences, as well as producing companies and professionals specialized in gastronomy, with an emphasis on cocoa. The Network also includes travel agencies and tour operators that design and promote packages focused on this experience, along with multinationals involved in the production and marketing of cocoa.

The Network also includes producing countries, marketing and promotion agencies, and organizations focused on the dissemination of cocoa-related destinations and services. Technology companies and developers of applications and digital platforms specialized in experiential tourism are also important members, as well as organizations in charge of certifying and accrediting the quality and safety of related services.

Governments and local authorities, which support and regulate cocoa tourism in their regions, are key members of the Network, as are universities and research institutions that study the impact of tourism on this sector. Professional associations, groups interested in promoting sustainability and conservation of the natural environment in cocoa tourism, and local communities, who benefit from and actively participate in tourism and related activities, complete the wide and varied composition of the Network.

General management

Amora Diana Carbajal Schumacher

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