Science, technology, data, tourism intelligence

Coordination: Dr. D. Fernando Molina

Organisation: SDTI 4H. Smart data tourist International Institute, MTA Connect Asociación-ISE


The pandemic has created new scenarios for the reactivation of tourism at a global level, incorporating digitalisation and sustainability for both destinations and companies that are committed to solving the new challenges that have arisen.

Innovation is incorporated in all phases of the journey and in the user experience, where companies must incorporate new organisational processes in management and strategy. Where digital technologies are already part of everyday life in public and private organisations.

IT Brochure Multi-Destination IT.pdf

Connectivity and sensorisation allows access to data in real time, improving the experience of tourists and residents.

Our Tourist and Society Think Tank is a working group to bring new perspectives, shared data spaces and successful models and technologies to a changing tourism sector.


A. Innovations based on basic and applied research, experiments and prototypes.

a. Scientific, research, background, strategic maps, state of the art.

b. Ideation of solutions, production of results, prototypes and evaluation.

B. Market place, ecosystem of tested solutions

a. technology solutions tested in the market place

b. data and tourism intelligence

c. training academy

C. Territorial Innovation

a. new business models/start ups, entrepreneurial ecosystem. 

b. organisational and process innovation

c. product innovation, marketing services

d. financing

Working Group News

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