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The Tourism and Society Think Tank (TSTT) specializes in the creation and management of innovative and quality tourism projects, customized to the needs of our users and partners.

The team of experts of the Tourism and Society Think Tank combines experience and deep knowledge of the sector to offer comprehensive consulting, improving the competitiveness and innovation of tourism companies. The proposals, consultancies and work that are carried out enrich the tourism sector, promoting its growth and adaptation to new trends. 

We work to differentiate services, providing creative and sustainable solutions, and fostering collaboration between public and private sectors. Our focus is on adding social and environmental value, supporting responsible and respectful tourism with local communities.

Tourism and Society Think Tank's "Proposal - Strategic Tourism Plan Guide for Tourism Destinations" offers a comprehensive roadmap for sustainable tourism development. It begins with an analysis of the tourism environment, identifying trends, challenges and opportunities. It clearly defines the objectives and profile of the target tourist, focusing on unique experiences and sustainability, and highlights the importance of improving the tourism offer, integrating aspects such as local culture, nature and innovation.

The strategy underlines the critical role of marketing and promotion, adapting to new technologies and consumer behaviors. It focuses on improving infrastructure and service management to ensure high-quality experiences. Sustainability and social responsibility are central themes, emphasizing heritage preservation and environmental impact.

The document also covers the importance of continuous measurement and evaluation to adjust strategies, as well as the drive towards digitization and the use of tourism intelligence. 

To facilitate a collaborative and comprehensive approach to tourism planning, there are two models:

TSTT Presentation Proposal – Guide Strategic Tourism Plan Tourist Destinations.pdf

Other proposals for services and tools

1 Training proposal Shopping Tourism 2023.pdf

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