RIMA Digital and Global Journey Consulting team up on a Branded Content strategy to promote differentiation in the travel industry


RIMA Digital -a digital marketing agency with presence in the US, Colombia and Spain- and Global Journey Consulting agree on a strategic alliance to offer destinations, private companies and public institutions branded content services oriented to tourism and lifestyle. 

With a strong presence in the U.S. market and extensive experience in the field of marketing and digital production, RIMA Digital specializes in the creation of high quality multilingual content to enhance the reach and conversion of its clients. 

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Global Journey Consulting, an affiliate member of the World Tourism Organization, promotes and collaborates on projects related to the tourism, leisure and entertainment industries. Both companies are convinced that branded content is an essential tool when communicating with destination and brand audiences, generating aspirational feelings in potential customers. 

"Over the last few decades," says Álvaro Garnica, CEO of GJC, "the way we relate to tourism has undergone continuous change. It is often difficult to know how to reach our target audience, where to find them or what information to offer them. Therefore, now more than ever, branded content strategies that generate real results are necessary." 

By joining forces, Rima Digital and Global Journey Consulting provide an effective branded content service through the creation of high-impact personalized videos and the development of segmented campaigns on social networks. These actions offer added value to users and enhance visualization and interaction with destinations and brands. The two companies place storytelling as a basic pillar of branded content: "Stories move us and invite us to act," says Mario Pascual, CEO of Rima, "and it is this passion for stories and their integration into tourism communication that distinguishes RIMA Digital and Global Journey from the rest.

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