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Real estate tourism: the case of the Dominican Republic

Tourism as such was born in the 19th century, as a product of the Industrial Revolution, with movements or displacements whose main purpose is leisure, rest, culture, health, religion, gastronomy, business or family relations. 

The Dominican Republic is undoubtedly one of the great favourite destinations for tourism. It is known for its tropical climate and beaches that look like something out of a fantasy film. It has everything that tourists who love sun, sea and caring people can imagine on all possible fronts, but apart from beach tourism, it also offers business tourism, sports tourism, wedding tourism and cruises, ecotourism, health tourism, adventure tourism with a ton of routes and excursions in different parts of the region to discover the historical charms of Santo Domingo, nature at its purest in Jarabacoa, the magic of Puerto Plata or even the beautiful landscapes of Samaná. 

On the other hand, in the Dominican territory, there are not only resources to promote holiday tourism, but also other areas such as: gastronomy, in which the country offers various gastronomic routes for lovers of good food, such as the coffee, cocoa, rum and tobacco routes, among others, which will seduce your palate. Likewise, real estate, providing tourists with accommodation designed according to their style and comfort.

This is how real estate tourism arises, when you want to own a space that allows you to visit the place with some frequency, so it is aimed at people who want to invest in the country through the purchase of a property (house, flat, villa) in tourist areas, either for holiday enjoyment when desired or the provision for obtaining an income, in which cases, housing must meet certain conditions, such as: privileged location, in a pleasant climate, culture, cost of living, which is surrounded by gastronomic sites and is the focus for entertainment.

The influx of tourism in the Dominican Republic is increasing, so people will always need a place to come and stay for a certain period of time, this has increased the international demand of the real estate market in the Dominican Republic.

And there is no shortage of reasons to consider the possibility of staying forever in this Caribbean country, because everything in this Caribbean peninsula is an ideal, exquisite space to settle down to live. Apart from its tourist attractions, its majestic mountains, historical heritage, gastronomy and, above all, its human quality, there is also the low cost of housing.

In the Dominican Republic, it is estimated that approximately 1,200 euros is more than enough to support a family comfortably. With 1,900 euros, it is considered that you can have and enjoy an excellent quality of life, with easy access to all services. With these salaries, which are quite normal in Spain, you will be in optimal conditions to acquire flats and villas in the most privileged places of this Caribbean country.

Even though the whole territory of the Dominican Republic is an ideal destination, there are specific areas where there has been a growth in infrastructures that make it even more interesting:

Bavaro in Punta Cana

This city receives more than 7.5 million tourists every year, making it an excellent place to invest in real estate, either to enjoy it for yourself or to rent it out. A financial action with a quick amortization, since the clientele is practically guaranteed.

Cap Cana, in Punta Cana

Cap Cana is another dream tourist destination. Now, with the construction of the Marina tourist complex, it has acquired the status of a protected harbour, which has increased the value of the whole area in terms of the security it represents when the hurricane season arrives.

On the other hand, the development of the tourist infrastructures taking place in Cap Cana maintains the objective of preserving its fabulous natural environment. This means that, in addition to receiving the benefits of international tourism, when you buy a flat, property or villa in this corner of the Dominican Republic, you can continue to enjoy its impressive and varied tropical flora and natural springs, such as the Hoyo Azul or the Las Ondas cenote.

Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic

Undoubtedly, living in the capital has a special charm and ease of access to cultural, commercial and industrial centres. It is the preferred place to live for most tourists who make this decision.

Santo Domingo maintains a constant economic growth, ideal for raising a family and settling down for good. The most popular areas are the Colonial City (old part) with its museums and cathedrals, the Costa Verde (a privileged area with luxury houses) very close to the sea or San Gerónimo (a quieter area away from the most conflictive areas) for families, with green areas and parks.

Santiago de Los Caballeros, the second most important city in the country.

This city is an agricultural producer of some importance, although it maintains its own tourist attraction thanks to its history, culture and traditions. Santiago de los Caballeros also has a steady economic growth, used for food and fashion chains. Good areas to live are its Centre, Cerro Hermoso (recreational spaces, restaurants, shopping centres...) and Concepción de la Vega (close to everything and quiet enough), very close to the rivers of La Confluencia and Yamín.

San Felipe de Puerto Plata and Samana

If you are thinking of coming to live in the Dominican Republic, you should not miss two remote cities, but with an intense social and working life.

Firstly, Puerto Plata, a pleasant city, privileged in terms of location, climate and population. It is a small Dominican treasure that offers an attractive proposal in quality services, as its economic growth follows the trend of the rest of the country's major cities. As if that were not enough, the natural environment is a luxury, both for its mountains and its coastline. In addition, its communication with the world is excellent, as it has its own airport and seaports.

Secondly, Samaná, located on the eastern peninsula, is where the popular area of Las Galeras is located, ideal for those who want to get away from mass tourism without giving up the natural landscapes. Here there is everything, especially human quality, it is the best place to share life with the authentic locals.

Real estate tourism is the most productive and satisfactory new trend in terms of investment, due to the wide potential it has and the future that is projected in the Dominican Republic, a country that has positioned itself in recent years as one of the preferred destinations for tourists and business people from all over the world, So much so that today there are more than US$10,000 million invested in the sector, which makes it worthy of mention, as it is also one of the most important contributions to the national economy, as it encourages foreign investment, generates new jobs and develops tourist attractions in specific regions.

Undoubtedly, it is a business opportunity that many have not wanted to lose sight of. In addition, nowadays, with the help and personalized advice of real estate tourism agencies such as PaisnatuRD (, anyone who wants to know or invest in the Dominican Republic now has it much easier. This agency is based in Madrid, Spain and provides advice on real estate investment at all times, positioning itself as one of the preferred agencies among those looking to buy flats and villas in the Dominican Republic. 

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