Stefano Generali

Re-Discovering Europe: the return of Chinese Tourist 

Stefano Generali

Re-Discovering Europe: the return of Chinese Tourist 

After years of international travel blockades, 2023 begins under the sign of an important new development that will undoubtedly have an impact on the global tourism system: the reopening of foreign travel for Chinese citizens. Given the strong impact that Chinese tourism has had in the years leading up to Covid, this development represents an indispensable opportunity for all those tourism-oriented countries that have suffered unprecedentedly limited tourism in the last three years. 

This report therefore seeks to explore the state of Chinese tourism today, taking as its starting point the many innovations that have emerged in the last three years that have led to a surge in domestic travel in China.

How have Chinese travellers' habits and travel arrangements changed, and what are the new expectations of these travellers? The report tries to answer these questions by providing both an overview of new trends and interests and a broader reflection on the actions and projects launched by some major tourism promotion agencies in European countries to understand the success stories in China.

Through the words of leading authorities, it also provides an overview of how tourism promotion in China has changed, especially thanks to new technologies and the decisive role of digital platforms dedicated to tourism. 

The report is the result of constant analysis and research carried out by Intarget's analysts with the aim of supporting all European tour operators who want to ride the wave of tourism recovery. 

To do so, it is essential to know the new Chinese travellers, to be ready to respond to their expectations and, finally, to be able to innovate the offer of the tourism sector. 

Stefano Generali

Managing Director intarget Shanghai

Responsible for operations in the Shanghai office of intarget and for business development in Asia. His professional career in the communication sector and his passion for innovation and digital technology led him to Shanghai, where he has been living for more than 10 years. 

He has held the position of Brand Manager in the fashion-luxury sector and has worked as marketing manager for international companies in various sectors. Today his goal is to support intarget's expansion in China and Asia. Stefano Generali Managing Director of intarget Shanghai


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