These may be sacred sites, temples, shrines, cathedrals, mosques, synagogues or other places of religious significance.

Selection of religious destinations that have historical, cultural and spiritual significance. 

It is important to consider the religious diversity of the region or country and are representative of that diversity.

Establish relationships and collaboration with local religious communities that manage or have links to the destinations.

Advise and collaborate with destinations so that they are well prepared to receive tourists and/or believers. 

This may include improving infrastructure, adequate signage, training of tour guides and the creation of visitor centers.

The development of a website and promotional material to promote the Network.

This website will contain information on each destination, visiting hours, religious events, nearby lodging and other tourism-related services, services and information for believers.

Design of marketing strategies to promote the Network, such as social networks, advertising campaigns, participation in tourism fairs and collaborations with religious travel agencies.

Organization of religious events and festivals in the destinations that make up the Network. 

These events can attract pilgrims and tourists interested in religious culture and local traditions.

Development of actions with religious destinations aimed at proper conservation and promoting sustainability.

This includes responsible waste management, conservation of cultural heritage and promotion of respect for sacred sites, among others.

Establish indicators to measure the success of the Network in terms of visitors, economic and cultural impact, and others. In this regard, periodic evaluations are proposed.

The Network encourages the support of local government, businesses and religious institutions to enable collaboration in the promotion and development of the Network and the religious tourism destinations participating in the Network.

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