Cush Consulting Group

Exploring the Cultural Sector: Cush Consulting Group's Impact & Influence

Cush Consulting Group

Exploring the Cultural Sector: Cush Consulting Group's Impact & Influence

Cush Consulting Group is an international communications, strategy and content solutions firm started in Chicago Illinois by Laurat Titilola Ogunjobi in 2011.  The Founder and Principal Strategist, Laurat Titilola Ogunjobi is a professional project manager and technical writer with a profile that includes work with the United Nations, Google, Samsung Electronics, Rail Europe Group, SMART Technologies and several major institutions in North America, Austria, Spain and the EMEA region.  

The company primarily focuses on providing business content, research and data on projects and initiatives in the educational, philanthropic and cultural sector.  With a staff of four professionals of diverse backgrounds in various parts of the world, the group is designed to subcontract and support projects relative to the educational, philanthropic and cultural sector.  

Cush Consulting Group believes that engaging within the cultural heritage framework is crucial to preserving and developing the identities of individuals, institutions, nations and communities. The massive growth of industrialization and migration has aided in challenging the accuracy of cultural heritage and historic documentation to numerous groups. Therefore, in an effort to honor the good of what has been lost, or is being threatened to be lost,  the firm works on content, research and documentation that preserves notable history and heritage.

As part of the Cush Consulting Group's set objectives, the company collaborates and forms institutional partnerships with organizations focusing on work in the cultural sector. With content and communication strategies being one of the main vehicles of delivery the firm engages in, the company core aim is to provide insights, support and strategy to projects, teams and institutions that are impacting communities through cultural and philanthropic methodologies.  

For these reasons and more, Cush Consulting Group for more than a decade now, has contributed its own quota to the realm of cultural tourism. The company’s unique and niche content that involves documentation and research has always served to strategically educate and inform. 

Interestingly, even the name 'Cush' was inspired by a historic region from the traditional roots of commerce in the ancient world. This is to say that Cush Consulting Group has from onset, been enamored with history and culture. 

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID19 pandemic In 2020, Cush Consulting Group recorded one of its many achievements by joining forces with Kaplan, an educational provider in the Middle East to facilitate IELTS English exam preparation for art and culture scholarship students.

In 2014, the company was awarded several educational projects that promoted the exploration of heritage and culture through various contracts in Spain, Bali and the United Kingdom.  These projects predominantly focused on promoting cultural exchange programs through institutional language centers. In May 2023, the company officially launched a cultural exchange partnership with a US based initiative.

Also, the company's zeal in endorsing cultural relations is evident in its founded Academy; a center meant to encourage  socio-cultural issues through learning of new languages and cultural diversity initiatives. The company has also engaged foreign companies conducting business in new regions to facilitate cultural exploration and language classes. This initiative has gone a long way in helping expats familiarize with locals in their new environments.

The company has also contributed to cultural based content and research on a global scale. Documented data produced by the firm with the United Nations High Commission for Human Rights that can be found here. 

Cush Consulting Group has also been a candid advocate of work at UNESCO.  Recently the firm  earmarked and documented five of the many places on the list of UNESCO's cultural heritage that are lesser known sites and blessed with historical significance worthy of preservation. 

In conclusion, Cush Consulting Group has demonstrated a remarkable passion and commitment to the cultural sector, with a focus on educating and fostering partnerships with relevant institutions. It is evident that the company will continue to do more in contributing to the sector while helping to educate and preserve praiseworthy heritage.

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