Vicente Romero J.

International Hotel Directors & Managers Circle

The International Circle of Hotel Managers is a non-profit Association, created in 2016, exclusively for tourism managers, adapted to the times of technology and with international coverage, its main objective is to unite all Hospitality Managers and Directors worldwide. 

It is a project that is alive, that evolves day by day and that daily adds in associates and global projects, with 27,484 managers, 32,832 direct professional followers and an estimated audience of 17,580,207 users. 

The CIDH was created to bring hotel Directors & Managers closer together, to offer them a structure of information, services and contacts that will benefit them, so that together we can live on a global platform. It is exclusive, only hotel directors and managers can belong to it. It is free of charge. Only members who want a personalised service, e.g. insurance, employment advice, tax advice, training, etc. will pay for these services to the external management company, which is an expert in tourism issues. 

The crucial objective is to defend the value and profile of the professional in all their links, with administrations, with companies to which they provide services, with other professionals in the sector and, above all, with their teams, thus creating a network of professional contacts from which we can all mutually benefit. To be a meeting point for the collective, and to pass on information that will benefit other colleagues, exclusively uniting all hotel management professionals for their own benefit. And to be at your disposal to resolve any queries that your members may have, the sum of all of us will make us stronger in the face of the challenges of the future. 

The constant evolution of this global world brings us problems that we must solve with 21st century formulas, the continuous changes in the sector, the irruption and prominence of technologies and their applications lead us to new marketing and management formulas, which lead us to different models of communication and of managing our hotels.

At CIDH we have agreements with the most relevant training centres, which provide their services globally, special agreements with equipment companies, technology consultants and services, a large team of senior volunteers available worldwide, mentors and trainers selected for departmental actions, in short, thanks to our structure we have the best offers of suppliers and professionals linked to Tourism with worldwide coverage. 

In this very competitive moment in which we find ourselves, our objective is to continue to grow and to be with our partners wherever they are. We have 18 Ambassadors at a global level, we plan to open delegations and make professional twinnings all over the world. For this we count on our network of directors, who add value as they become part of the association, we channel from our Board of Directors all the information exclusively for our collective. 

Therefore, and according to the famous Chinese proverb that goes as follows, we can achieve our goals: "If you want to grow in the next year, sow grain. If you want to grow in the next 10 years, plant trees and if you want to grow in the next 100 years, develop people". How true!

If you are looking for a job, in the development of your personal profile, do not hesitate to contact us as the CIDH will help you to advance your goals. Analyse your strengths and add them to your CV, as well as your skills and preferred activities, your fears and difficulties. With all these questions you will be able to reach your self-knowledge and achieve the desired success, which is exactly what we want at CIDH. 

From the CIDH, with the strength and the illusion of reinventing ourselves every day, and with the union of the collective of professionals, we help you to strengthen your rights, to dignify our position. We are all actors in our lives and in our profession even more so, every day we have to go out on stage and play a role, our role is a daily premiere, the hotel is our stage and we have to please all our customers regardless of their sense of humour, everyone has to leave our facilities happy and at the same time give the best service to the customer. 

The CIDH aims to return to the hotel management professional, the figure of vertex that has been for many years, we intend to dignify and defend the exercise of our profession, adding value to the establishment and to his person. 

Our main objective and vocation of service is designed to constitute an element of union and vertebration of all hotel management professionals. Progress comes with redress in every sense of the word, which is why I consider it transcendental that a group such as ours, where so many values converge, should set an example of humanism at a global level. 

Hospitality managers are ambassadors for the world, let us transmit all the positive things that this profession gives us. In short, we want to help you to strengthen your professional situation in an integration between all the associates. 

The value of the CIDH does not lie in its acronym, but in the union of its members, spread all over the world, each one contributing their experience, their values and their innate willingness to help other colleagues. This is the main asset of the International Hotel Managers' Circle Association. 

The history of the hotel industry could not be written without taking into account the vocation of its managers, thanks to their ethics and professional efficiency, they take their services to a unique recognition worldwide, for the benefit of their clients and tourism in general. 

Vicente Romero J. 

President - Founder of the CIDH 

International Circle of Hotel Managers & Executives

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