Isabel Portilla

Feeling at Home 

Now more than ever, I have come across several daily posts on the importance of "feeling at home". 

It brings back memories of the most memorable trips I have taken in the last 3 years before the pandemic, and opens up a new way and opportunity to gain a new perspective on global tourism. A new way of doing tourism, of offering new tourism programmes and experiences with the aim of making our passengers "feel at home". 

Within each of us, the tour operators, the travel agents, the perpetual travellers, the lovers of discovery, the tourist and the freedom of movement, there is a root, a sense of home, a sense of welcome, a sense of home. 

Tourism from an intimate vision not only creates a common vision for the future of the tourism community and its potential by showcasing each of its destinations, its ancient culture, its history, its beauty. Intimate tourism" is a unique, human and coherent representation that enhances the local, regional, national and global awareness of each of the destinations we showcase. 

A destination will always be unique and more attractive when it is shared in a unique and responsible way with the traveller. So, in this way we are not only contributing to preserving communities, local cultures, local economies, preserving the environment and wildlife, but also educating the traveller. 

Feeling at home is more than just a feeling, it is a reciprocal responsibility, it is a communion between two, it is a space that must not only be built, nurtured, produced and maintained. It is a story within our own history. 

What is the difference between a good tour operator and a tour operator with excellence? The difference is undoubtedly... that it makes us feel "at home". 

"It feels like a sofa, like your most comfortable shoes and it becomes an intimate memory, a warm embrace, a comforting feeling". On an unforgettable journey. 

Tourism, travel, experiences are going back to the roots, to the past, to the familiar, to the intimate. We cannot deny that, no matter how much health safety, privacy and good service, we need the warm human welcome that opens the door of "our home". 

This makes a big difference. 

Isabel Portilla 

allExpeditions Travel 

Miami, Florida 

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