Informe sobre la evolución global de los viajes para 2024


Informe sobre la evolución global de los viajes para 2024

With the participation of 27,000 people from 33 countries including key insights from the UK, Italy, Germany, Spain, the US and Latin America; Booking's report shows that travel is not just a form of escape, but rather a catalyst for living life to the fullest

I'm sure you've heard the phrase "new year, new life". It may sound cliché, but it's now more relevant than ever. Some 68% of the traveling community believes they become their best self when they travel, but which version do they choose to show? People are adding an element of intrigue to 2024, with 62% enjoying the anonymity that travel gives them, 37% telling fictional stories about their lives and 57% loving to feel like the protagonist. To keep up with the trip, 42% even consider renting a better car than the one they normally drive at home.

In a context of rising temperatures, more than a third (36%) are looking for a getaway that revolves around water as a quick fix. Seventy-five percent immediately relax when they are by the water. 

Health retreats pique the curiosity of 20%, who would rather seek tranquility this way than by a river, while psychedelic retreats appeal to 14%. Overall, 18% want to connect with their inner self. For some people, the priority is to sleep through the night without interruption, something that attracts 58% of people to retreats that focus on sleep. Some 48% have an interest in tantric retreats, as they seek a stronger physical connection with their partner.

52% want to book a trip without knowing the destination until they arrive. To escape the everyday, 56% would be willing to go off the beaten path and 34% want to travel with people they don't know. We also see a noticeable shift in spontaneity, which is gaining ground against stricter planning. The majority (55%) prefer to go on a trip with no set plans, and two-thirds (69%) opt for flexible itineraries that can change during the trip. Therefore, AI is likely to be a major element of travel in the coming year. Already 48% rely on AI to plan their trips, a trend that has already reached with the AI trip planner.

In terms of gastronomy, 78% of the traveling community is looking for new flavors as opposed to those they already know. Half plan their trips around specific dishes or restaurants, and 61% want to know the origins of an emblematic dish of the destination. Technology is also changing how we enjoy food, with 46% wanting to have a "figital" (physical and digital) dining experience with virtual reality or augmented reality. Sixty-three percent are fascinated by innovative vegan options, such as 3D printed steaks or mushroom foie gras. More than a quarter (27%) are willing to hire a personal chef in the coming year, a percentage that increases among Generation Z (37%).

The collective desire to create deeper connections and seek self-knowledge will transform travel in 2024. Twenty-four percent want to strengthen ties with their partner. Travel will enliven existing relationships and also serve to create some new ones: 39% want to take a trip to find a partner, while 35% hope to overcome a breakup by traveling. But solo travel is also on the rise, with 59% wanting to go away unaccompanied. Fathers and mothers are also joining this trend: 58% prioritize personal growth and want to travel without children. The tendency to travel alone is increasing among men in particular (63% compared to 54% of women).

People will be looking for a balance between staying within budget and enjoying some luxury. Forty-seven percent would take children out of school for off-season travel and 46% plan to tip less. 50% will pay for vacations with a credit card to spread out costs. And 39% of pet owners will travel with their pets to avoid paying for pet care. But controlling spending in 2024 is not incompatible with indulging. Thirty-four percent would borrow designer clothes and accessories to wear while traveling without spending money. However, 54% would pay to upgrade accommodation, and 47% would invest in flight or train upgrades (if it doesn't leave the account in the red!).

The travel world is poised to become more sustainable. More than half (53%) of travelers are looking for accommodations that combine comfort with innovative sustainable elements. People want to enjoy the tranquility of nature indoors, and 65% are looking for accommodations with green spaces and plants. Sustainability is not a fad, it's a way of life. The travel community likes environmentally friendly options, and would even more like to receive rewards through an app for making sustainable choices (60%). Authenticity is key: 47% want to connect with people in less crowded destinations and 44% are encouraged by less touristy places.

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