Michel H. Nahon

Why So-Leader travel ?

So-Leader? Not only the portmanteau word meaning “in solidarity” in French, and the opportunity to set an example when you lead people to common sense through innovation. Finally, it is the possibility of associating a charitable action with one 's desire to travel . Since we aim to open up the field of possibilities and give direct access to all travel formulas, the partners of the So-Leader Travel Cooperative are located in 85 destinations...

They are all competent and experienced professionals, they joined the project with a remarkable state of mind, and a total benevolence, so we were able to build a travel production model that establishes a direct relationship of trust between the producer and the consumer, on the one hand, and between our traveler-customers and partner charities on the other hand, thanks to the implementation of features ensuring perfect transparency in the management of donations.

Travel is no longer just a goal, it is also a way to contribute financially to the projects or emergencies of the associations that our customers already support or needs they discover. Each client freely opts for the charitable action of his choice, and the payment of the donation, clearly separate from the cost of the trip, is settled directly to charity, without any commission. Everyone can book the trip of their choice, designed by a reliable partner at the destination who will guide them in the organization and stay in contact throughout their trip. This is the advantage of a short circuit with a local and involved professional.

This short circuit makes it possible to make each Voyage Solidarity, by associating a good action with an association recognized as being of public utility or general interest among the 35 partner references of Voyages So-Leader. They are all involved in the areas of action related:

The principle is simple, and the operation transparent. Marketing costs are converted into direct donations to associations. Thanks to the short circuit , it does not cost more and each trip now has meaning: it is no longer just a goal but also becomes a means !

For example, a trip that costs €1,000 allows you to donate €100 directly to the association of your choice and obtain a tax receipt.

Everyone can freely choose the association that receives their donation and the destination that hosts their trip: a country where the chosen association is engaged on a mission, or at the antipodes of it!

Our TravelScore index allows you to know in which country you are setting foot... By providing information on the environmental , ethical and social footprint of the country, it aggregates its efforts in terms of sustainable development, the level of freedom of the population you are going to meet and the distance of your travel.

You can make a commitment to contribute to local tourism and do a good deed for the association of your choice. Ethical and supportive travel is no longer reserved for an elite, it's everyone's business.

Michel H. Nahon

President of Velvet Globe

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