Interview with John Umit Palabiyik

Framingham State University, MA, USA.

John Umit Palabiyik, Ph.D., Mba

Framingham State University, Framingham, Ma, USA.

Dr. John Umit Palabiyik is a highly respected scholar and academic leader who currently serves as the Chair of Management and Business IT, as well as the Hospitality and Tourism Management Coordinator, at Framingham State University in Massachusetts. With extensive experience in both academia and industry, Dr. Palabiyik brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his role as an educator, mentor, researcher, and administrator.

Framingham State University acquired the Warren Conference Center, which led Dr. Palabiyik to move from Texas Tech University, where he earned his doctorate in hospitality administration. The university recognized the importance of providing a robust Hospitality and Tourism Management program to assist in the conference center's operations and prepare students for careers in this dynamic industry as a reputable location for conferences, retreats, and events. Dr. Palabiyik was selected to spearhead this initiative and has since created and implemented a comprehensive curriculum that covers everything related to hospitality and tourism.

It has been his aim to make a significant contribution to the field of hospitality and tourism management since he moved to Massachusetts in 2018. He has notably formed the Hospitality and Tourism Board, which includes key industry leaders. As an integral part of the university's Hospitality and Tourism Management program, this board provides insights and guidance on current trends and best practices. Dr. Palabiyik ensures that the curriculum remains relevant and up to date by integrating the vision of industry leaders into the program he started.

Dr. John Umit Palabiyik's commitment to the hospitality and tourism industry extends beyond the walls of the university. He has established strong relationships with local tourism organizations, such as the MetroWest Tourism Bureau, as well as with non-profit cultural associations in the area. Through these partnerships, Dr. Palabiyik works with industry leaders to promote and improve tourism activity in the MetroWest Boston area.

In addition to his work with local organizations, Dr. Palabiyik is also actively involved in promoting tourism and cultural activities in the area. He has organized events and activities that showcase the region's unique history, culture, and natural beauty, helping to attract visitors and promote economic development in the area.

Dr. Palabiyik's classes are known for their student-centered, interactive, and engaging format. He brings in guest speakers, organizes panel discussions, and arranges field trips to give his students a first-hand look at the hospitality and tourism industry. Through these experiential learning activities, students are able to apply the concepts they learn in class to real-world situations and gain a deeper understanding of the industry as a whole.

In addition to hospitality, Dr. Palabiyik has collaborated with Dr. Harrison and his team to launch a Sports Management program that provides students with the necessary skills and knowledge to pursue careers in the rapidly growing field of sports management.

Furthermore, Dr. Palabiyik is working closely with the university's new director, Mrs. Garcia, to revamp the university's Entrepreneurship Center. Their goal is to transform the center into an international entrepreneur's ecosystem that provides resources and support to entrepreneurs worldwide. 

Throughout his career, Dr. Palabiyik has been recognized for his outstanding contributions to the field of business and hospitality management. In addition to publishing scholarly articles, he mentors students and employees. He also consults with companies regarding hotel and restaurant operations, customer service, profitability, and the travel industry as a whole. In addition, he has been invited to speak at conferences and events around the world, sharing his insights and expertise with other academics, industry professionals, and policymakers.

As the Chair of Management and Business IT, Dr. Palabiyik is responsible for overseeing a wide range of academic programs and initiatives. In addition, he manages a team of talented faculty members. In his role as Hospitality and Tourism Management Coordinator, he works closely with students to help them develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in this exciting and dynamic field.

In order to transform the industry to the next level, Dr. Palabiyik and his talented team are always looking for high-achieving students, industry leaders, institutions, and companies that are willing to collaborate. In case you are one of these individuals and are interested in the following majors or minors, please do not hesitate to reach out to him.



John Umit Palabiyik, Ph.D., Mba.

Chair, Management, and Business & Information Technology

Coordinator, Hospitality and Tourism Management Program

College of Business, Framingham State University


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