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Why bring the Tourism and Society Think Tank to Querétaro?

Querétaro is considered one of the "Cities of the Future" by the United Nations. It is also listed as one of the most competitive regions in Latin America according to the Financial Times, and a "Creative City" by UNESCO.

It is a destination that today is a protagonist in Mexico. A destination proud of its past, but with its sights set on the future.

Querétaro is a land of opportunities for all; a place where ideas, knowledge, cultures, architecture, gastronomy... a destination where we can find the best of Mexico.

For all these reasons, we believe that bringing the Tourism and Society Think Tank represents for us the possibility of entering into the great global dialogue on new tourism trends, learning from the best destinations in the world and continuing with the work of adapting to the new international paradigms of tourism. In short, to take our tourism to the next level.

What does Querétaro offer as a tourist destination?

In Querétaro we have options for all interests and tastes. With our 4 regions: in the Creative Metropolis, find our history, our Cultural Heritage, combined with the comforts and amenities of a cosmopolitan city.

In our Wine Region, you will find countless options to delight your palate tasting wines and cheeses, in the midst of beautiful vineyards, wineries and cellars. Magical Towns full of traditions and surprising flavours.

In our Sierra Gorda, a breathtaking natural paradise, where you can have direct contact with the very roots of nature and yourself. A place with a vibrant cultural life, full of joy, music and dishes that will surprise you.

In our Bosques y Campos del Sur, you can discover the very roots of the identity of Queretaro, beautiful handicrafts that reflect our cosmovision and history. Wide natural spaces full of peace and tranquillity.

Querétaro is air and land connectivity, proximity to practically all regions of the country. Querétaro is high quality tourist services. Querétaro is a diversity of tourist products, events, festivals, unique traditional festivals. But above all, Querétaro is its people.

How has Querétaro evolved as a tourist destination?

Querétaro is one of the smallest states in Mexico, territorially speaking; however, its privileged geographical location has made it a historic crossroads.

Over the last 20 years, the state has been growing and gaining prominence in Mexico's industrial, business and commercial development. The flourishing of industries such as aerospace, auto parts, biotechnology, household appliances, information technologies, among many others, have generated population growth and the arrival of people from all corners of the country and from foreign countries.

Today, we have more than 60 higher education institutions, more than 45 research and development centres, more than 40 industrial parks, and more than 1,500 companies with foreign capital.

In Querétaro, the tourism sector contributes 22% of the Gross Domestic Product, and 23% of the jobs.

Its culture, its traditions, its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, its natural wealth, and its history, brilliantly complement a destination that combines pleasure and business, knowledge and fun, culture and art, the most traditional and the most contemporary gastronomy.

Recently, we were considered the best emerging destination to visit in 2022 and our wine region, considered the new "Napa Valley", is the most visited in the country; due to the growth of wineries, the successful development of wine tourism, and the artisanal production of delicious cheeses, it offers a journey to delight the palate.

Thus, today Querétaro is a solid destination and one of the most competitive in the country, with modern infrastructure to accommodate leisure and business travellers, which surprises our tourists with innovative products, with a renewed, fresh and contemporary image.

Querétaro, then I found Mexico

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