WTTC urges European Union to unlock Travel & Tourism industry's potential


In a strategic pronouncement aimed at catalyzing the evolution of the Travel & Tourism industry, Julia Simpson, President and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC), has highlighted the critical importance of this sector as an engine of economic growth in the European Union. With a vision for the future, Simpson urges EU stakeholders to embrace the WTTC guidelines, which are designed to foster sustainable and flourishing development. He especially emphasizes the vast growth potential that could be unlocked through the adoption of technological innovations and digital transformation.

This call comes at a time when the Travel & Tourism industry is showing signs of vigorous growth, employing more than 22 million people and contributing €1.4 billion to the European Union's GDP. WTTC presents an ambitious 'Call to Action', outlining three crucial areas for the sector moving forward: modernization, improving sustainability and facilitating cross-border transit. These measures have the potential to raise the sector's economic contribution to €1.9 trillion by 2033, creating nearly 4 million new jobs.

Sustainability is placed as a priority, with WTTC urging the EU to consider the environmental impact of future legislation to ensure that it encourages a transition to greener and more sustainable practices. This approach seeks to align environmental regulations with industry commitments to achieve net zero emissions targets.

In the area of mobility, WTTC advocates a simplification of visa procedures and promotes the implementation of the Entry-Exit System to optimize the travel experience. These recommendations aim to facilitate smoother and seamless transit across EU borders.

Digitalization emerges as a key pillar in this call to action, with WTTC encouraging the European Union to accelerate the integration of advanced technologies in the Travel & Tourism sector. The adoption of digital solutions such as contactless travel and the innovative use of artificial intelligence can revolutionize operational efficiency, reduce costs and stimulate economic growth. WTTC emphasizes the importance of digitizing the entire travel process, from passports to visa applications.

Julia Simpson reiterates the Travel & Tourism sector's strategic position as a driver of economic progress within the EU, calling for an immediate adoption of WTTC's proposals for a sustainable and economically prosperous future. This 'Call to Action' marks a turning point towards an era of innovative policy in Europe, highlighting the need to implement pragmatic policies that support the growth and resilience of the sector. With a focus on collaboration and joint action, this call underlines the unique opportunity for the EU Travel & Tourism sector to secure its competitiveness and achieve unprecedented success on the global stage.

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