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As we approach the 8th World Wellness Weekend (WWW) scheduled for September 20-22, 2024, anticipation and excitement is growing around this global event that seeks to elevate and expand the wellness conversation to new horizons. With the ambitious goal of reaching 8,000 locations in 160 countries, WWW is positioned not just as an event, but as a movement that invites collective action toward healthier, more conscious living.

The emphasis on "Creativity and Sleep" as one of the cornerstones for the upcoming event underscores a deeper understanding of how rest and mental regeneration are crucial to holistic wellness.

This approach highlights the interconnection between a rested mind and the capacity for creativity and innovation, recognizing the importance of addressing sleep deprivation and its effects on physical and mental health. WWW is dedicated to providing tools, knowledge and activities that encourage healthy sleep practices, recognizing that wellness begins with a foundation of adequate rest.

The call for spas, beauty salons, hotels, fitness clubs, and tourism authorities to join the WWW represents a unique opportunity to show the world their commitment to promoting wellness. Participating in this event provides a platform to reach a global audience, share innovative practices and connect with individuals and communities that value a healthy lifestyle. This event serves as a showcase for those leading in the wellness sector, allowing them to highlight their unique contributions to this global movement.

WWW invites all wellness professionals and interested venues to join this collaborative effort to promote a healthy lifestyle worldwide. Registering and participating in WWW not only provides the opportunity to be recognized as a Wellness Champion, but also allows you to be part of meaningful change, driving accessibility and inclusion in wellness. This call to action resonates with WWW's mission to facilitate a positive and lasting impact on the health and wellness of people of all ages and backgrounds.

Reflections on the Impact of the 2023 Event

The 7th World Wellness Weekend (WWW), held September 15-17, 2023, marked an impressive milestone in the global promotion of wellness and health. With the participation of 6,300 venues in 148 countries, this annual event has surpassed all expectations, establishing itself as an essential catalyst for global wellness, in line with the United Nations' third goal: "Good health and well-being for all."

The event held under the theme "Think Global, Act Local and Make Wellness Social", proved to be an inclusive and diverse platform, offering free activities that encompassed the five pillars of wellness: sleep, nutrition, movement, mindfulness and purpose. From fitness and yoga classes to massage workshops and outdoor activities, WWW facilitated enriching experiences for all participants, supported by an extensive network of wellness professionals and venues.

The statistics speak for themselves: the event experienced significant growth, with a 26% increase in venue participation over the previous year and 125 hours of online sessions, representing a 150% increase compared to 2022. WWW reached an estimated audience of 430 million people through 1,000 media mentions and 8,000 social media posts.

The "aWWWWard" awards recognized the exceptional contribution of countries, cities, groups, brands, places and individuals in making wellness accessible to all. Among the honorees were the Sharjah Ladies Club in UAE, Jiva Spas as the most active spa brand globally, and Spain, which was highlighted as the most active country worldwide.

Contact for Participants and Stakeholders

For additional inquiries, including how to get involved as a sponsor, volunteer, or participant, please contact Jean-Guy de Gabriac, founder of the World Wellness Weekend, via email at, and on the official website

The 8th World Wellness Weekend is not just a celebration; it is an invitation to live better, to share wellness practices and to be part of a global community committed to health and happiness. This event reminds us that together, we can make a significant difference in our own lives and in the global community. Let's join together in this effort to create a healthier future and wellness for all.

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