The cruise industry generated an economic impact of 5670 million Euros in Spain in 2022


According to a study prepared by Tourism Economics / Oxford Economics for the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA), the cruise industry had an economic impact of €5.67 billion and generated more than 42,240 jobs in Spain in 2022.

The director of CLIA in Spain, Alfredo Serrano, assesses these figures in a very positive way: "especially the first part of 2022, was still marked by the pandemic and the consequent restrictions; as the epidemiological situation improved, the recovery of the industry accelerated and consolidated, reflected in the economic impact and employment generation, which were at levels very close to those reached in 2019".

"One of the characteristics of the cruise industry is that" - explains Serrano "it promotes the creation of opportunities and wealth generation in a very transversal way, benefiting economic sectors of a very diverse nature and all without losing sight of the fact that social, economic and environmental sustainability is part of its DNA; it is the unwavering pillar on which its strategy rests."

Economic contribution

The study developed by Tourism Economics / Oxford Economics estimates that the industry generated 5,670 million euros.

It also details the weight of the items that form part of direct expenditure:

Type of direct expenditure Millions of euros % of total

Likewise, the study concludes that each euro of direct spending generates an additional 1.2 euros in turnover.

Employment generation

Tourism Economics / Oxford Economics concludes that the industry supported the creation of 42,240 direct, indirect and induced jobs, as shown in the following table:

Type of employment Jobs generated % of total

Meanwhile, the contribution in terms of payrolls and salaries amounted to 1.47 billion euros, broken down as follows:

Type of employment Payrolls and salaries % of total

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