Welcome from Ms. Voula Patoulidou

Vice Governor of the Metropolitan Area of Thessaloniki

President of Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation

Dear visitors,

Let me introduce you to my beautiful city, Thessaloniki.

Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece and capital city of the Region of Central Macedonia, is like a “novel with many layers”. Any place you stand, wherever you find yourself, when you bring a historic memory to you mind, a story will appear before you in Thessaloniki. A story worth remembering, preserving, and promoting.

Thessaloniki is its people, our culture, our traditions. Our history is reflected in its people. This is noticeable from the first moment someone visits. It is not an impersonal city. It has character, personality, depth, and warmth.

The slogan of the city describes who we are: “Many stories, one heart.”

Before I welcome you to Thessaloniki, the city of my heart, I urge you to visit our official portal in order to get a first taste of our beautiful city.

Voula Patoulidou

Vice Governor of the Metropolitan Area of Thessaloniki

President of Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation


A city with a cosmopolitan character, renowned for its vibrant cultural and nightlife, home of the Thessaloniki Film Festival, known as the gastronomic capital of Greece and voted as one of the top tourist destinations in the world, Thessaloniki is worth visiting any time of the year. It lies in Northern Greece and is the second largest Greek city after Athens.

Elegant and refined, the Greek “Lady of the North” is an open-air museum with 15 UNESCO monuments, full of delicious foods, amazing history, and breathtaking coastlines. The northern port city of Greece is the ideal city-break destination for tourists of all tastes.


With its stunning Byzantine landmarks and ancient structures, Thessaloniki is a modern-day time capsule that takes all its visitors back to the medieval times, with very well-preserved pieces of history scattered all over its classic yet modern terrain. Thessaloniki is one of the most multicultural cities: with signs of multiple cultures and a history that involves Greek, Ottoman, Jew, and others, it manages to charm visitors from all walks of life.

No matter your religion, cultural background, or mother tongue, you’re guaranteed to find a piece of your soul in Thessaloniki’s diverse monuments and global pieces of history. The most heartwarming aspect of Thessaloniki’s culture is how welcoming and accepting its residents are to visitors and tourists worldwide! This hospitality comes from tourism being a significant part of the city’s economy to the point where the locals have been born and raised to show everyone from around the world the true beauty of Thessaloniki.


Thessaloniki has been characterized as the gastronomic capital of Greece and it is the only Greek city designated a UNESCO Creative City for Gastronomy.

The local gastronomy has evolved over the centuries since the area has always been a crossroad of different cultures.

The authentic flavors take off thanks to the fresh ingredients from the fertile land and rich sea, all locally sourced and in season, blessed by a Mediterranean climate. Recipes of people of different origins that have lived in the city, for longer or shorter times, were mixed with the local ones creating a very interesting combination of flavors.

Open Hearted City

Even if you have visited it in the past, its promenade is a pole of attraction and experiences. Even the Thessalonians themselves admit it. "No sunrise, no sunset is the same in Thermaikos Gulf".

Ascending towards Ano Poli, a different aspect of Thessaloniki is being revealed in front of you. The fortifications for the city’s defense that dominate the scenery, will take your breath away. Colored houses and stone alleys compose a backdrop that will make you feel like you’ve traveled back to another era.

And then it’s the Old Ladadika. This is where the cobbled streets teem with lively tavernas, colorful buildings, cafes, bars, and restaurants. From the simplest tavern to the most luxurious restaurant, food is made with heart to give joy and pleasure. Natural ingredients, delicious dishes, recipes, and little secrets of taste bring people together around the big table of friends.


Not to mention Thessaloniki’s creme de la creme: Short-distance getaways that change the scenery.

Choose among the “Potamos”, the “Fanari “, the “Agelaradiko “, the “Aggelochori “, the “Aghia Triada”, the “Baxe” or the “beach of Perea“. In the dozens of taverns, literally on the sea, you can enjoy fresh seafood and traditional dishes accompanied by excellent local wine and raki made by local producers in the traditional way, born and transferred from generation to generation.

In the southeast of Thessaloniki, Halkidiki, with the characteristic shape of the three peninsulas, the golden beaches, the hidden secluded coves and the exotic bays, the reviving Mediterranean light and the pristine nature invites you to truly discover a place of dreams.

The Koroneia and Volvi National Park together with the Axios Delta National Park, offers excellent opportunities for walking, observation, bird watching, photography or just an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city that can be combined with religious tourism and historical search of the course of Macedonia in time.

In the lagoon of Kalochori, the spectacle of pink flamingos’ surprises while in the Delta of the Gallikos river the refuge of the imposing water buffalo impresses every visitor.

The people

Thessaloniki is a city that has many stories to tell. Modern and old stories with roots that are lost in the depths of the centuries.

Keep your eyes and ears open to see and hear them all. But mainly keep your soul open to feel the value of the people of the city.

They are the ones who make your experiences unforgettable.

Thessaloniki. Many Stories-One Heart!

For more information:

Thessaloniki Tourism Organisation

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