Welcome from Mr. Roman Hrygoryshyn

Deputy Head of Odessa Regional State Administration

Dear visitors!

Let me introduce you to our beautiful city of Odessa.

Odessa is one of the most ancient, atmospheric and interesting cities, known not only in Ukraine, but also abroad. Our city is often called Southern Palmyra, a pearl by the sea, the capital of humour and so on. And it is rightly called the gateway to the sea of Ukraine.

Odessa is not only a beautiful tourist city, but also the homeland of many talented people: musicians, singers, comedians, actors, artists, scientists and writers. All these facts ensure an ever-increasing flow of tourists coming to Odessa from all corners of the world.

The history of Odessa exceeds two centuries, and during this time many events took place in the city. People of different nationalities live here, which has left its mark on both culture and architecture. Most of the preserved architectural monuments date from the late 19th and early 20th centuries, and the architecture shows a close connection with Europe, in particular the influence of neoclassicism and modernism. For example, the famous Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, which theatre-goers all over the world call "the finest creation of Austrian architects" and "the pearl of European baroque".

Odessa is a city that everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime to feel its magical atmosphere, enjoy its incredible beauty and unforgettable colour. Of course, to see everything this city is famous for, you need more than one day. But if you have little time, combine the pleasant with the useful: in half a day, take a walk through the historic centre of Odessa, which, by the way, is included in the UNESCO Preliminary List of World Heritage Sites.

I would also like to note that active work continues today regarding Ukraine's selection of the right to host the World Exhibition "Expo - 2030" in Odessa. I hope that this will be one of the incentives to come to those who have already heard a lot about this beautiful city, but have never seen it. After visiting it once, there is a desire to stay here forever.

Roman Hrygoryshyn

Deputy Head of Odessa Regional State Administration


Odessa is a city of impressions and recreation.

Odessa is a unique and original Ukrainian city on the Black Sea. It is the main industrial, cultural, transport, scientific and tourist centre of the northern Black Sea region and a real intercultural port of Ukraine, where representatives of more than 130 nationalities live. Despite the diversity of the population, which differs in religious beliefs, ways of life and customs, Odessa has always been and remains a peaceful and free city.

Odessa was built by Europeans and Europeans. The atmosphere of freedom they brought to the city had a great impact on the creativity of many foreign writers who liked to come to the city in search of a muse. The city became famous all over the world and acquired many poetic names: "Southern Palmyra", "Pearl of the Black Sea", "Odessa-Mama", "God's Smile"...

Since its foundation, Odessa has been a centre of free trade, inflow of foreign investments, economic growth and successful cooperation with foreign partners. During its existence, Odessa grew from a small port settlement on the Black Sea coast to one of the main economic centres of Ukraine, located at the crossroads of international routes from Europe to Asia.

Everyone who has visited Odessa will agree that it has a special charm. Cobbled streets, ancient courtyards and many architectural monuments - all this is the hallmark of Pearl by the Sea.

Architectural masterpieces of Odessa

Odessa has experienced several historical and, along with them, architectural stages, which were marked by different styles of construction. The buildings in the old part of the city are built in different architectural styles, from Renaissance to Art Nouveau. In total, the city has 1016 architectural monuments, of which 8 are of national importance and 1008 of local importance.

Arriving in Odessa, every tourist is simply obliged to visit the most famous street of the city: Deribasivska . It is here that there are a lot of famous monuments and places, each of which has its own unique history. Deribasivska is also called the "soul of Odessa": it is a permanent party, a quiet crowd, bright lights at night, many cosy cafes and restaurants.

It is at the intersection of Deribasivska and Preobrazhenska that you will find one of the most famous buildings in Odessa and a favourite spot for photographers and Instagram bloggers: the Mendelevich Passage. Above the entrances to the building are statues of Mercury on a steam engine and Fortuna on a ship. And in the inner gallery of the Passage there are small shops and cafes, but the main feature of this place is the beautiful stucco and the glass lantern-roof, which lets in natural light.

One of the favourite places in Odessa for selfies and regular photos is the Potemkin Staircase, created by the architect Boffo. Today, they are often used as grandstands during various concerts and shows. By the way, there is a funicular railway nearby that connects Primorsky Boulevard with Primorskaya Street. Interestingly, the Potemkin Staircase is among the ten most beautiful staircases in Europe! The race is held here every year, the record so far is 22.8 seconds.

Next to the Potemkin Staircase is one of the oldest streets in Odessa - Primorsky Boulevard. There is a monument to Armand Emmanuel du Plessis, Duke of Richelieu, or Duke, as he is called in Odessa. This is another landmark of Odessa and the first monument opened in this city. It was established in 1828.

Cultural life literally boils in the city and is very diverse and rich. The most prominent and famous theatre is the Odessa National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, which is one of the five most beautiful theatres in the world, and its theatre company tours successfully all over the world. In the Odessa Philharmonic you can listen to concerts of the Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra and visiting musicians, and in the Odessa Art Gallery you can see the best works of world art.

Odessa is a city of parks and squares

There are many trees in the streets of the city, in addition, there are several parks and squares in the centre which are literally flooded with greenery: Istanbul, Gretsky, Shevchenko, Peremohy and others. In addition, on weekends various festivals and interesting events are constantly held in the city's parks.

Odessa is unique courtyards

After visiting Odessa, be sure to take a walk through its absolutely unique courtyards, located in the historical centre of the city and in Moldavanka. Since most of the buildings in the city centre were built before the revolution, almost all of Odessa's courtyards are two- or three-storey, enclosed and picturesque. Here you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of old Odessa, which is supposedly untouched by time: the Odessa courtyards in Moldavanka have remained unchanged since the middle of the 20th century.

In general, we recommend that everyone who comes to Odessa walks a lot, even if you do not have a clear route, you can find very beautiful and unusual monuments, parks and institutions. We recommend that you tick the "must-see" box next to the Potemkin Staircase, Primorsky Boulevard, the Opera House, the Port and the Greek Square. Having worked up an appetite with hiking and lots of impressions, it is worth eating deliciously and relaxing. Odessa will definitely not leave you hungry.

Odessa is delicious

Odessa's cuisine is famous all over the world because it is very varied and tasty, spicy and light. A distinctive feature of Odessa's cuisine is a large number of different types of fish that live in the coastal area, as well as a variety of mussel dishes and rapani from the Black Sea. Katran soup, catfish kebab, mussel pilaf and stuffed fish are especially delicious here; these delicacies alone are worth a visit to Odessa.

We recommend that all gourmets visit the famous Odessa market "Pryvoz", which is located in the city centre and is one of the oldest in Europe. The history of "Pryvoz" begins in the middle of the 19th century, when goods were brought here on carts, which gave the market its name. It is here that you can buy the freshest fish, seafood, fruit and vegetables, and also listen to the same "Odessa speech", funny anecdotes and catchy phrases. Here you can buy, taste almost everything and just have a good time walking through the rows.

Beach holidays in Odessa

Odessa's climate is characterised by mildness and a large number of sunny days. In summer, thanks to the breeze, even on hot days it is more comfortable here than in the neighbouring steppes. The healing mud of the estuaries and mineral springs attract many tourists to Odessa. The Odessa tourist area stretches for tens of kilometres along the coast and estuaries and is one of the oldest and most popular in the country.

Tourists with any requests can find an ideal place to rest in Odessa. The city has both beaches equipped with paid services and more democratic ones. Popular beach resorts delight holidaymakers with the presence of swimming pools, sun loungers and bars for every taste. On the more democratic beaches, you can also rent sun loungers and play water games. For lovers of partying and noisy nightlife, we recommend one of the most famous beaches in the city. "Arcadia" has many restaurants and nightclubs here.

If you don't want to move away from the city centre, the Langeron beach is at your service. It is distinguished by a convenient location and the presence of a car park. The famous dolphinarium "Nemo" and a beautiful embankment are also located here. And one of the exits from the beach leads directly to the Shevchenko Park, from where there are beautiful views of the harbour and the seashore.

Immediately behind "Langeromno" is the beach "Otrada". The calling card of this beach is the cable car that can be used to go up to the French Boulevard. "Otrada" also delights holidaymakers with a wealth of entertainment facilities.

For lovers of space, we recommend Luzanivka beach, one of the largest beaches in Odessa. This is a natural beach, with no division into private properties and no fences in the form of seawalls, thanks to which the water here is cleaner than on the central beaches. There are plenty of restaurants and discos nearby, so you won't have to be bored here.

Well, the least amount of tourists tend to be on the beach furthest out of town, "Golden Beach", which is located at station 16 of the Grand Fountain. There are beach areas with sun loungers and several cafes.

We recommend that you spend several days exploring interesting places around Odessa.

In the village of Chervonoukrainka (Mykolaiv Oblast) there is an original for our country and a delicious oyster farm on the picturesque Ukrainian Great Spit. You can come here for a tour to learn about the production, or just for a romantic dinner of seafood delicacies with a glass of wine.

Kuyalnytsky estuary. Due to the large amount of crustaceans in the water, the water of the estuary turns pink. And it was the colour of the water that became the main reason for the popularity of this place among tourists. Most of them have already forgotten that "once upon a time" this place was mainly a mud bath.

Kuris Palace-Palace. The estate is located in the village of Petrivka and its construction was completed in 1892. The Pokrovsky mansion is made in neo-Moorish style and from the side of the stairs it resembles a fishermen's bastion of Budapest.

Odessa is one of the amazing places in Ukraine, whose popularity is growing every year. This city never sleeps and there is always something to see. Even if you have never dreamed of living near the sea, you should definitely come to Odessa. The local flavour, the endless Black Sea and the delicious Bessarabian cuisine will not leave any tourist indifferent.

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