Equatorial Guinea

Welcome from H.E. Mr. Rufino Ndong Esono Nchama

Minister of Culture, Tourism and Handicraft Promotion

From the Government of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea we are working on the full implementation of the Online Visa in order to mitigate the administrative bureaucracy and speed up the process of obtaining tourist visas; our large reception and reception infrastructures allow us not only to work to encourage the reception of potential investors, but also to support private initiatives that help in the development and promotion of Equatorial Guinea as a tourist destination.

For us it is a great honour and pleasure to welcome our visitors, we are a welcoming country in an environment of peace and harmony that offers full security to the visitor, and we are a destination in which the cultural essence is based on the pillars of diversity that encourage a wide range of gastronomy, a colourful folklore and ancestral rhythms.

Our country is an ideal destination and a paradise for nature lovers, ecotourism and adventurers. Due to the historical background that links it with Spain, it is positioned as a key element in the triangle of Hispanic culture that is formed between Spain, Latin America and Africa, being the only Spanish-speaking country in the entire African continent.

Our strategic location in Central Africa on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean makes us a prime enclave for European tourist demand and makes us a destination with easy connectivity for the African, European, Asian and/or American tourist market.

Our natural resources have allowed us to have 13 protected areas in a territory of 28.0514km2, paradisiacal waters thanks to the fact that in its territorial area there are 3 islands, as well as a continental region. Its average annual temperature of 30ºC makes it perfect for enjoyment at any time of the year.

Equatorial Guinea is a paradise to be discovered, we invite everyone to visit our beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters, our bucolic and unspoilt nature, our lush jungle that invites active tourism and ecotourism; and our welcoming population invites visitors to enjoy our cultural and gastronomic diversity.

Equatorial Guinea is open to socio-economic development and open to tourism.

H.E. Mr. Rufino Ndong Esono Nchama

Minister of Culture, Tourism and Handicraft Promotion

Equatorial Guinea

"A Paradise to be discovered

The conception of the essence of travel is to go in search of the different and the unknown, in an escape from monotony to experience emotions that are intensified by the different tourist attractions.

In the heart of Africa, and bathed by the crystalline waters of the Atlantic Ocean in the Gulf of Guinea, lies the Republic of Equatorial Guinea, a small African jewel. A former Spanish and formerly Portuguese colony, Spanish is the official language, and French is also spoken as it is part of CEMAC (Central African Economic and Monetary Community). After the discovery of oil in 1996, there is a large presence and influx of English-speaking companies and personnel.

Among its cocoa, coffee and banana plantations, there are cities with a clear European influence, and flora and fauna representative of almost all of Africa. Dominated by an equatorial climate, it has a pleasant average temperature of 26 degrees Celsius to warmly welcome visitors all year round.

When you enter Equatorial Guinea you will find tourist attractions for all tastes, but above all, a visit to this country is highly recommended for all nature lovers willing to live their own African adventure.

Its impressive natural monuments and enchanting landscapes are complemented by the charms linked to the most autochthonous aspects: its people, its culture, its history and its tradition. Irresistible proposals where passion vibrates.

In each of its destinations, Equatorial Guinea offers visitors varied, surprising, fun and moving scenes for you to experience the best of ecotourism, nature tourism, cultural tourism, wellness, rural and urban tourism to the full. You can savour the exquisite regional gastronomy, celebrate life in exotic, colourful and multitudinous festivals, practice sports such as beach football, beach volleyball and golf in courses with more than 48 holes, and discover water paradises, natural pools and lush waterfalls while contemplating the beauties of nature in an unspoilt bucolic setting where endemic flora and fauna encourage you to see endangered species such as the four species of sea turtles and the Drill Monkey, gorillas and jungle elephants in their natural habitat.

Lovers of ecotourism and nature tourism who visit the Republic of Equatorial Guinea are in luck because it is a country where nature remains as grandiose as it is unspoilt, but where, in addition, development allows adequate measures to be taken for its conservation in the future.

More than a hundred different mammals are part of this fauna: small antelopes, pangolins, felines... The country is particularly rich in the diversity of primates: gorillas, chimpanzees, mandrills, colobus... There are also some specimens of large mammals such as the forest elephant, the hippopotamus, the manatee, and a very rich inventory of Equatoguinean birds, with more than three hundred known species: There are also many species of reptiles and amphibians, and four species of marine turtles frequent the coastline.

The coral reefs of Corisco, the Elobeyes and Annobon are home to marine fauna that is rare in Central Africa. It is also important to mention the coast of Moraka, near Ureka, in Bioko, as one of the most privileged places in the area to observe the laying of eggs of the four species of marine turtles.

Despite the small size of the country and its diverse landscape, Equatorial Guinea is one of the most biodiverse areas in Africa, with everything from classic volcanic black sand beaches to incredibly lush forests to alpine terrain at an altitude of 3,000 metres. Aware of this richness, the government has set aside almost 20% of the country's land for wildlife conservation.

Equatoguinean cuisine offers a wide variety of dishes and is influenced by both African and European cuisine.

In the typical Guinean markets we can also find an enormous variety of fruits and vegetables, such as papaya, pineapple, banana, plantain, avocado, mango, coconut, bisong, guayave, engong... and a long etcetera that are truly exceptional, both for their size and for their quality and flavour.

In Equatorial Guinea, passion awakens and your tourist experience takes on another meaning, making your trip an experience, because in this country...the authentic is in each of its destinations.

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