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Karol Martínez Silva, Mayor of Guadalajara de Buga 

Guadalajara de Buga


Guadalajara de Buga is a city that is much more than a destination; it is a welcoming home for those who wish to explore the richness and diversity of Colombia. From the historic streets to the majestic waters of Lake Calima, Buga presents itself as a jewel in the heart of Valle del Cauca, ready to be discovered by travelers from all over the world.

The city is a vibrant tapestry of culture, history, nature and adventure. Here, the Colombian spirit comes alive in every corner, from the imposing Historic Center, with its colonial architecture that tells centuries-old stories, to the sacred precincts of the Basilica of the Lord of Miracles, a beacon of faith and hope for thousands of pilgrims.

But Buga offers much more than its well-known spiritual sphere. It is a privileged destination for nature and adventure lovers. Lake Calima, famous for its perfect winds, invites water sports enthusiasts to enjoy unforgettable days of windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing. The mountains and valleys surrounding our city are a paradise for mountain bikers, hikers and all those seeking an intimate contact with nature.

Gastronomy in Buga is a celebration of diversity, where the cuisine reflects the cultural richness of Colombia, where local ingredients are transformed into delicacies that delight all palates, and visitors are invited to savor the authentic flavor of Valle del Cauca, from the traditional sancocho de gallina to the exquisite arroz atollado, each dish tells a story of tradition and flavor.

For lovers of history and culture, our Archaeological Museum opens windows to the pre-Columbian past, offering a unique perspective on the civilizations that once flourished in this fertile land. Buga's archaeological wealth is a testament to our deep respect and connection to our indigenous roots.

Buga, where history, nature, spirituality and adventure meet to create an unparalleled tourist destination. Buga awaits you.

Buga: a destination of spirituality and adventure in the heart of Colombia

In the vibrant heart of Valle del Cauca, lies Buga, a city that captivates not only for its deep spiritual significance but also as a hidden treasure for Colombia's tourism enthusiasts. This place stands out not only as a crucial point of religious pilgrimage, but also as a destination that offers a holistic experience thanks to its rich history, vibrant culture, biodiversity, and outdoor adventures. Exploring further into its main attractions and activities, we discover what makes Buga such a special place.

Lake Calima emerges as a water sports paradise, where wind currents are conducive to windsurfing and kitesurfing, while its surroundings invite nature exploration, paragliding, and bird watching, delighting ornithologists and nature lovers alike. In contrast, Buga's Historic Center, with the Basilica del Señor de los Milagros at its core, not only attracts thousands of pilgrims annually, but is also a testament to Colombian religious architecture, being the setting for cultural and religious festivals that provide a glimpse into local traditions.

Buga's gastronomic diversity is a celebration of the flavors of the Cauca Valley, where even the fruits of the earth, such as the grapes used in the production of local wines, play a fundamental role, adding a unique touch to its culinary offerings. The city and its surroundings are also a setting for adventure and ecotourism, with lesser-known but impressive natural parks, such as the Parque Nacional Natural Las Hermosas, which offers trekking routes through Andean landscapes, hidden waterfalls, and natural hot springs.

Buga's historical and archaeological richness deepens at the Archaeological Museum and extends to sites that are still being explored, offering a glimpse into ancient pre-Columbian civilizations through petroglyphs and indigenous terraces, narrating a complex and fascinating past. Buga reveals itself as much more than a spiritual destination; it is a melting pot where nature, culture, history and adventure meet to offer a rich and diverse tourism experience. From the thrill of water sports on Lake Calima to the serenity of its historic center, and the exploration of its rich biodiversity, Buga invites all visitors to immerse themselves in the essence of Colombian culture.

Every corner of Buga is ready to tell a story, and each experience promises to leave an indelible mark, making each visit a unique adventure. With its combination of spirituality, nature, heritage and adventure, Buga is positioned as a must-see destination for those seeking to discover the richness and diversity of Colombia.

The Lord of Miracles of Buga: a symbol of faith and hope in Colombia

In the heart of Valle del Cauca, in the historic city of Guadalajara de Buga, is one of the most venerated religious sanctuaries in Colombia: the Lord of Miracles. This emblematic crucified Christ is not just an image; it is a symbol of faith, devotion and miracles that attracts thousands of pilgrims every year, making it one of the most important spiritual centers in the country.

This circumstance has allowed Guadalajara de Buga to become the first city in Colombia belonging to the World Religious and Spiritual Tourism Destinations Network

The history of the Señor de los Milagros dates back to the early sixteenth century, when, according to tradition, a small image of the crucifix was miraculously found by an Indian in the waters of a nearby river. This image, which despite its exposure to water and time did not deteriorate, began to be associated with numerous miracles and healings, attracting the attention and devotion of the community.

The Sanctuary of the Lord of Miracles, with its imposing neoclassical architecture, is today the home of this venerated image. Within its walls, the faithful from all parts of Colombia and the world find a space of peace and spirituality. The basilica is not only a place of prayer, but also a meeting point for those who seek consolation, are grateful for miracles or simply wish to be close to this Christ who has shown his power and mercy throughout the centuries.

Devotion to the Lord of Miracles reaches its peak during Holy Week, when Buga becomes the destination of a massive pilgrimage. The celebration of the Lord of Miracles Day in September is another significant moment, marked by liturgical and cultural events that reflect the deep connection between the community and its protector.

Beyond the miracles attributed to him, the Lord of Miracles symbolizes the resilience, hope and unity of a people. In times of difficulty, this sacred image reminds the faithful of the importance of keeping faith and hope alive for a better future. Its legacy transcends the boundaries of religion, becoming a cultural heritage that unites the community of Buga and all those who approach it with an open heart.

Holy Week in Guadalajara de Buga: faith, tradition and culture in the heart of the Cauca Valley

In the heart of Valle del Cauca, Colombia, lies Guadalajara de Buga, a city that dresses in solemnity and devotion during Holy Week, becoming a meeting point for the faithful and visitors seeking to experience one of the deepest and most deeply rooted religious celebrations in the region. Holy Week in Buga is not only an event of faith, but also a living expression of the rich cultural tradition that characterizes this historic city.

The celebration of Holy Week in Buga has roots that extend over centuries, combining Catholic rituals with the rich cultural tapestry of Valle del Cauca. The Basilica of the Lord of Miracles, with its imposing architecture and venerated image of the crucified Christ, becomes the epicenter of religious activities, attracting thousands of pilgrims from all over Colombia and beyond. This place, emblematic of Bugua's faith and spirituality, offers a space for reflection and encounter with the divine, marking the rhythm of a week full of liturgical acts and processions.

Processions are the heart of Holy Week in Buga. Each one narrates a part of the Passion of Christ, from his triumphal entry into Jerusalem to his Resurrection. These processions, characterized by their solemnity and recollection, go through the cobblestone streets of the city, illuminated by candles and accompanied by chants and prayers. Religious figures, carried by devotees dressed in tunics, symbolize suffering and hope, in an act of faith that transcends generations.

Beyond the religious manifestations, Holy Week in Buga is also an opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural offerings of the city. Exhibitions of sacred art, religious music concerts and cultural events are scheduled around these dates, allowing visitors and locals alike to immerse themselves in an experience that nourishes both the spirit and the intellect. The Festival of Religious Music, for example, is an event that attracts musicians and aficionados from all over the country, turning the city into a vibrant stage of talent and devotion.

The Holy Week experience in Buga would not be complete without tasting the typical dishes that are prepared especially for this time of year. Delicacies such as pandebono soup, arroz atollado and chuleta de semana santa become the stars of the table, offering locals and visitors a delicious way to connect with local traditions.

Holy Week in Guadalajara de Buga is more than a date in the liturgical calendar; it is a time of encounter, reflection and spiritual renewal. It is a time when the community comes together, strengthening ties through faith and tradition. The city opens its doors to all those who wish to be part of this unique experience, inviting to live moments of deep spirituality in one of the most emblematic scenarios of Colombian Catholicism.

In Buga, Holy Week is an experience that is felt, lived and shared, marking the soul of the city and those who have the privilege of being part of it.

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