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Dossier: Meetings

Tourist and Society Think Tank provides a periodic meetings space for the most relevant actors in the tourism industry to share best practices, innovative ideas, analyze risks and opportunities with the aim of becoming a catalyst for ideas that will set future trends in the sector.

The results of the laboratory of ideas are translated into general and personalized proposals for each member, aimed at promoting transformation and development initiatives, and incorporating innovations for the new requirements of tourism and society.

Latest events carried

Lima - Tarapoto (Peru)

31 August to 2 September 2022

Theme: 1st Tourism Investment Meeting - Innovation and Sustainability


Online: 219.757

Face-to-face: 283

Speakers: 16

Queretaro (Mexico)

April 26-27, 2022

Theme: New trends in international tourism. Taking tourism to the next level


Online: 6332

Face-to-face: 500

Speakers: 12

Elvas (Portugal)

9 December 2021

Theme: Global tourism trends: from local to global.


Online: 1462

Face-to-face: 0 (pandemic restrictions)

Speakers: 7

Madrid (Spain)

14 October 2021

Theme: Post-pandemic tourism


Online: 332

Face-to-face: 117

Speakers: 6

21 January 2022

Theme: Tourism and Society Think Tank: a reality


Face-to-face: 110 (maximum capacity of the room)

Speakers: 4

General Objective

Organize a monthly event in a destination with the participation of prominent speakers from the tourism industry and society in general where visions on the development of the tourism industry and its social impact are presented, and with a theme aligned with the city.

Specific objectives

  • Presentation of ideas, concepts and proposals in an innovative and collaborative framework.

  • The theme and participants of the event allow the international promotion of the destination and its identification with the chosen theme.

  • Networking of personalities and their relationship with the territory and TSTT.

  • Create a publication catalog of the results of the event.

Development of the Monthly Meetings

Day 1: City experiences

  • Recording with the panelists walking around the city, accompanied by the local tourist and/or political authority and a moment of conversation with them on different topics and situations.

  • Script: elaborated and proposed by local organizing institution, and approved by TSTT organizers.

Day 2: Activities

TSTT monthly meeting (online and face to face)

  • Topic: to be defined

  • Participation of speakers and attendees: Videoconference and face-to-face

  • Maximum number of international speakers: 7

  • Duration of the event: 120 minutes (maximum)

Meeting-dialogue with speakers

  • Objective: to make contacts between panelists and local representatives of the commercial and tourism sectors and social referents in general.

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